The Lotus Buddhist Monastery, a school for monks, nuns and laypersons. Throughout the year, retreats are conducted so participants can learn about the teaching of the Buddha.
Each year in late November, the Sangha gathers to celebrate the birthday of the Yun Hwa Sangha founder, Supreme Matriarch Ji Kwang Dae Poep Sa Nim.
The „World Peace Kwan Se Um Bo Sal“ is a granite statue of the Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara, who is said to perceive the sounds of all living beings in order to help them.
The Ocean ceremony takes place every year in early January in Hawaii. Dae Poep Sa Nim blesses the oceans, which cover 71% of the Earth’s surface and contain 99 percent of the living space on the planet.
Madrid Yun Hwa Dharma Sah is one of currently 30 centers of the Yun Hwa Sangha in Europe. Formal Yun Hwa Meditation Practice is open to the public once per week.
The World Peace Bell is rung four times every day, resonating throughout our globe to awaken our minds to continually strive for world peace.
Every year we organize many retreats in Europe. The Norway retreat location is by the sea, and also a nice place for walking meditation.
As a special practice, students write passages from the Lotus Sutra in the Berlin temple.
The „Young Sangha“ started out with a group of young practicioners in Vienna in 2013. They had the wish to deepen their practice and exchange their experiences with other people of the same age. They meet regularly for practice and social activities.

The Yun Hwa Sangha (meaning Lotus Flower practicioners) is a Buddhist order consisting of monks, nuns, laymen and laywomen.

Our vision is that every being on this earth, with the help of the Yun Hwa Meditation practice, breaks through the boundaries of its own individual perception and concepts, so we can live together in peace, harmony and happiness.

Living a life of Beauty and bliss

From a Buddhist perspective, suffering and unhappiness exist in this world because people do not realize who they really are, and hence do not use their full potential.

The Buddha teaches us, that “Everybody has Buddha Nature”.

To awaken to this Absolute Reality is called “Enlightenment”. Our mission is to facilitate the attainment of enlightenment in order to live like a beautiful Lotus Flower, in the middle of the social world, untainted by any impurity.

So, always staying in the realm of emancipation, existence has to be lived each day as if like painting a beautiful work of art on a white canvas. On this there will be patterns of individual beautiful creations of life which become most appreciated and treasured. Living this kind of life is meant not only for personal pleasure but also to awaken the minds of others with beauty and bliss.

Relaying on a 2600 year old method

“Buddhism” is a word that most people immediately create a concept about when they hear it. But the Buddha wanted us to break through the wall of our concepts and fabrications, so we can be free of our delusions and see the world as it really is. Buddhism is not foremost a religion, but a method to become enlightened which has proven to be successful for more than 2600 years.

Learning this method requires help from someone who has realised it for oneself: a guide, a teacher, a master. Just as playing piano cannot be done beautifully without tutelage, so to do we approach the Dharma. Supreme Matriarch Ji Kwang Dae Poep Sa Nim, is our master, founder of the Yun Hwa Sangha and present day lineage holder of an unbroken succession of masters starting with the historical Buddha of our age, Shakyamuni Buddha. Just as all enlightened masters since the Buddha, Dae Poep Sa Nim’s greatest wish is for all students to become masters themselves.

Learning about reality as it really is

The essence of the teaching in our tradition is that all living beings have Buddha nature, which means we are a family and all live together in this place of Buddha. Always according to cause and condition, we connect and according to cause and relation, we separate. But no matter what kind of connection, cause and condition, all relationships must be considered in a most precious way of goodness. It can then be seen that badness disappears and everyone can live a comfortable and happy life.

By performing actions of goodness and helping others, the true aspect of ourselves can be rediscovered because the self, which undertakes good deeds, is actually the true Dharma and the true entity.

Improving the self

“Everything is created by the mind alone.” This is an ancient buddhist realization. So whether we experience a life of suffering or a life of prosperity and happiness depends on our mental processes. Thoughts become words, words become actions and our actions become who we are. Every moment we give something to others whom we are connected with – our countenace, our emotions, our behaviour - in this way, every single moment is shaping our life and the life of others. By practicing we learn how to observe and train our mind so we become joyful ourselves and transmit that positive energy to those around us.

Inspiring to acquire wisdom in daily life

Buddhism is realization. Hence the Buddha always insisted we should not merely passively accept what he is teaching us, but question everything and check it against our own experience to see for oneself. The pure act of questioning is at the heart of Buddhism.

The Buddha expounded Sutras because people asked questions: Thus questions are equally important as answers. So for the seeker of truth what question could be more important than “who am I?”

Offering places to meet and learn

In the tradition of the Yun Hwa Sangha , Buddhism is unrestricted by dogmas of specific times or cultures and seen as being universal. The teaching of Buddha does not belong to any country, region or continent but is valid and relevant in any place on this beautiful globe.

While most of the practice is done individually, it is important to at least once in a while get together with other practitioners to share realizations and practice together.

„Supreme Matriarch Ji Kwang Dae Poep Sa Nim founded the Yun Hwa Denomination of World Social Buddhism. „Yun Hwa“ is Korean for Lotus Flower. Our Sangha follows the lineage of Shakyamuni Buddha according to the teachings of the Lotus Sutra.“

Yun Hwa Denomination Supreme Matriarch
Founder and Great Dharma Master


„It is not enough to just look down the road; you actually have to walk it. This is the meaning of practice. When practice is applied, it completely transforms ones life.“

Ron Eichhorn, Film Director
Head Disciple

“A fish, that swims deep in the ocean, is not irritated by the waves on the surface.” This was part of a teaching that made me want to become a Buddhist.”

Viktoria Kerschbaumer

“Buddhist practice helps me to be an empathetic doctor, to notice my mistakes and work on them, to have good connection-relationships with others and to live a balanced, happy and successful life.”

Nina Matyas

"I am an engineer - I do Buddhism because it works."

Simon Brenner

“The daily practice helps me to use my energy very effectively and without any hindrances. Things automatically run smooth and even when problems are encountered, without much hassle, solutions can be found.”

Ronja Berger

“The Buddhist practice helps me to find quietude in my daily life and to focus on my given duties. Furthermore, it reduces my daily stress levels and helps me to cope with my problems.”


“The practice helps me to keep a relaxed mind when life brings difficulties and challenges. It helps me gain a different perspective.”

Fabian Brenner

“I practice because it helps me to find comfort in the evanescent waves of every day’s unpredictability.”

Philipp Andriopoulos

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